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Uber Driver Says He’s No Longer Welcome at Airport Because of Political Car Decal

An Uber driver says that he’s no longer welcome at the Charlotte Airport because of a decal he has on his car.

Steven Weiler told Fox 46 that he was asked by airport officials to remove the decal, which says “Trump 2020.”

The officials also asked him to remove to bumper stickers that state, “Drain the Swamp.”

“It’s discrimination. It’s against my first amendment right,” Weiler said. “It’s a sad day in America.”

Airport officials confirmed they asked Weiler to remove the stickers, stating that it violated a policy between the airport and Uber.

The clause in the policy states that “No vehicle shall post or display, on the exterior thereof, any signage or other displays except for Uber’s name and/or logo.”

Weiler said he’s unsure why the officials took 15 months before asking him to remove the signs.

“They picked me out, they singled me out,” Weiler said.

An Uber spokesperson said that Uber doesn’t prohibit signs or decals except for commercial branding, but noted that airports have separate rules and regulations.

The airport and Uber said they’re still reviewing the situation.