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Family Says Apple Watch Saved Daughter’s Life

A Florida family said that their teenager’s life was saved by her Apple Watch.

Deanna Recktenwald of Lithia was at church on April 22 when she received a notification on her Apple Watch. The notification said that her heart rate had skyrocketed to 160 beats per minute, well above 100 beats per minute, considered the upper edge of a normal heartbeat.

“The only symptom that I had was that I was out of breath from walking and standing and sitting so it kind of didn’t make much sense,” Recktenwald said.

But her mother rushed her to urgent care, where doctors told them to go to an emergency room.

Turns out the 18-year-old had experienced kidney failure.

“I was shocked because even if you look at her today, she’s perfectly healthy-looking,” her mother told ABC.

Deanna’s doctor, who has not been named, said the alert may have saved her life.

“The fact that the Apple Watch alert led Deanna to seek immediate medical attention before dialysis or a kidney transplant was needed could save her life,” the doctor said.